The People’s Fair is a community-based event with the mission of funding community non-profit programs and organizations. All of the bars at the People’s Fair are staffed by volunteers from various nonprofit organizations. These organizations raise funds via tips received at their bars.

Colorado Pet Food Pantry’s Mission

We believe that pets are family and know how difficult it would be to find ourselves in a situation where we may temporarily need help to care for our pets – and not be able to find that help. The thought of relinquishing a pet (also known as a fur baby, family member, cherished love one, one’s “baby” and many other endearing terms) is heart-wrenching. The notion to no longer be able to care for them, even momentarily, can be worrisome; the idea of leaving them behind can be unbearable. Sometimes a pet is the only family that one may have… and we want to support that bond.

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